Memorabilia and Models Gallery

L.R. Myers' Numberboards from Conrail 4122

L.R. Myers' SD80MAC Operator's Manual

Trans-Lite Inc marker lights from an SD80MAC

D.J. Miller's N Scale SD80MACs (Kato N Scale)

L.R. Myers' NS SD80MAC Model Decal (unused 3M)

L.R. Myers' Conrail Pittsburgh Division Mug

L.R. Myers' CR 4100 (MTH O Scale)

L.R. Myers' EMDX 8000 (Athearn HO Scale)

Brock Kerchner's Engineer's Seat from Conrail 4100

L.R. Myers' CR 4125 (Athearn HO Scale)

Matt Arentzen's CR 4118 (Kato HO Scale)

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